The Studio Macura collection is a global ‘designer label’ of home accessories and unique gifts based in the Netherlands. Our personal touch, our ‘designer’s signature’, rather than a cultural style, ensures that these functional and everyday objects stand out in the crowd. Present in over 30 countries, the collection is immediately recognisable for its unique spirit and narrative aesthetic based on dream like relationships between ’the real’ and ‘the imaginary’. A floating stone, an enclosed flower, a sparrow perched on a cord. We live by the philosophy that greatness and pleasure lies in the details of life.  That is how we see our products, as essential details or highlights that bring beauty, wit and functionality to any interior. The products are conceived and designed in house, in collaboration with European and Asian manufacturers and craft-houses. The collection is sold globally through independent stores, museums, galleries and web shops.


For private consumers, If you cannot find our products in your vacinity please feel free to contact us directly on