accessoires and
unique gifts

The Studio Macura collection consists of compelling home accessories and gifts aiming to touch hearts through aesthetics, wit and a surreal personality.

Surreal perspectives

Surreal or dream-like relationships are embeded in the conception of our products. It is this synthesis of ‘the real’ and ‘the imaginary’ that gives a truely unique spirit to the collection. A floating stone, an enclosed flower, a sparrow perched on a cord...

Imagination breeds the long lasting

Our products aim to withstand the test of time. Certainly quality and craftsmanship are key to longevity, but just as materials wear down so can the love and fascination for aesthetic and function. It is this enduring and ‘never bored of’ relation that we seek to imagine and materialize in our collection.

A designer label

We operate as a designer label. All our products are imagined in house, for you, by us. We materialize our ideas into high quality products, collaborating with global suppliers and the craft industry.

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