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Marko Macura and Ingeborg van Uden working at the table in their studio

Ingeborg and Marko co founded the Studio Macura collection of design objects and home accessories in 2010. Respectively, coming from different backgrounds, graphic and product design, they merge together their professional talent and experience to create the products of the collection. A red thread of narrative and cultural inspiration, as well as wit and functionality rather than a formalistic style characterizes their work. They conceive and develop the products from their Eindhoven based studio, collaborating with numerous European craftsmen and manufacturers. Marko graduated in 1994 with honors from the Art Centre College of Design (Europe) and shortly after joined Philips Design in the Netherlands. In 2002, he established his studio working on commission designs for the furniture and lighting industry, until 2010 when additionally he co founded the Studio Macura collection with Ingeborg.

Ingeborg received her diploma in graphic and communication design and shortly afterwards joined Philips Design in the Netherlands in 1998. In 2005, she started her independent activity with her own consultancy for aesthetic trend and visual strategic design. Optimism, travel, curiosity and a profound interest in people and their relationships with objects and design define her drive and inspiration for her work. She co founded the Studio Macura collection with Marko in 2010, and maintains a part of her schedule for trend consultancy and material research. Both designers next to their entrepreneurial passion for the studio’s collection design commissions for clients such as Alcantara®, Antique Mirror, BRF, Casprini, Chi Ha Paura...?, Covo, Droog Design, Felicerossi, Metalspot, Reuge, Sputnik/IDEE, Royal Philips Electronics, Virgin Atlantic Airways. Below is a selection of some of these works.



Manufactured by Covo // 2008

Angolo is a modular block furnishing for both domestic and contract purposes. The irregular composition of facetted surfaces offers sensorial and massage benefits to the user. It is constructed in coloured poly urethane with an internal plastic core.



Manufactured by Casprini // 2007

Smile is a pleasant and highly comfortable design for an armchair. Its generous and soft proportions offer a comfortable armchair for both domestic and contract environments.  Upholstered polyurethane with a steel rotating base.

Sulla Luna


Manufactured by Studio Macura // 2008

Sulla-Luna is a true "objet d'art", existing between object and sculpture.  It is a highly decorative furnishing for sitting or lying on.  It is constructed in fiber glass with a high gloss lacquer finish. Available on order.