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red bird clipped to a pendant light and another red bird clipped to a pendant light blurred in the background
red 3D printed bird sitting on a red pendant light on a red textile cord seen from a 3 quarter back view
Leti product


Studio Macura // 2014
Leti is pendant light with a clipped 3D printed bird on a textile covered cable. These pendant lights, both functional and elegant, are available in various cable colors and bird color combinations.  The cables come in black, white and red allowing for 3 monochromatic combinations while the white version can be selected from a further choice of nine colors birds. This surreal and serene combination of the bird on the cable creates an iconic poetic object which is both out of the ordinary yet very familiar. A simple color matched half dome ceiling rose completes the piece.
Material: 3D printed polyamide bird on textile cable, clear globe halogen 28 watt bulb Finish: textile covered cable with high gloss lamp holder and ceiling rose
white 3D printed birds clipped on to a ceiling pendant light also white in colorside view of a red 3D printed bird clipped onto a fabric cable of a suspended pendant bulb light hand holding a 3D printed black bird and clipping it onto a fabric cable from a black suspended bulb pendant lightrow of diferent color 3D printed birds clipped on fabric cables of suspended bulb pendant lights