Welcome to the Studio Macura collection, a design label of domestic accessories and furnishings. The label consists of compelling design objects and accessories suitable for both domestic as well as contract environments. The objects are conceived and created to please by their aesthetics, wit and unexpected interpretation. The collection promises to bring forth enduring, unique designs that are functional, beautiful and moderately priced. Our approach is honest and original. We try to capture in every piece of our collection the paradox of something that is very distinct and appealing yet still inherently familiar to people. As much as we like to be surprised, we also like to cling to things that are known and have a beautiful everyday quality about them. We seek, both wings and roots, the known and the unknown.

It is this paradox that gives the spirit to our collection. The products, poetic and original, bear a spirit of endurance and longevity. Regarding the materials we choose to use for our designs, simply put we are intrigued by prime and traditional materials such as porcelain, glass wood and metal whilst tempted to create and experiment with future manufacturing technologies such as three dimensional printing. Whichever technique or material we are working with, we search for highest quality executions with our manufacturers and truly believe that the beauty of a finished product is as good as the quality of its smallest details. We hope you will enjoy our collection and follow us on our blog and Facebook pages for news and updates.

Studio Macura
Ruysdaelhof 9D, 5642 JM Eindhoven, The Netherlands
phone: 0031 (0)6-48048457
email: info@studiomacura.com


If you are a shop owner, creative specier or distributor and would like to learn more about our products, ways of working or simply would like to receive our catalogue and professional price list please ll in the form on this page and submit it to us. If you would like to download our general terms and conditions, please click here.


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